Through the Layers is a long-term and multidimensional research project in collaboration with curator and social pedagog Viktória Beličáková, where we explore intergenerational communication, interethnic narratives, migration in search of opportunities, and their identifiable aesthetic elements within the greater culture. Finding roots in the mining history of Gemer, we’re excavating and mapping the various histories of the region in order to reconnect those who live in or come from the area with those who have left.
We care about those who do not have a voice in the public space and whose memory is lost to migration and the mainstream. Our aim is to give people a place to communicate and acknowledge the transformation and different tools to interact and exchange. The idea is to enable a differentiated view of the society and cultural history of the area through diverse disciplines in art, history, and community development. We believe focusing on widely neglected narratives and perspectives is crucial for a comprehensive understanding of the socio-political and socio-economic contexts of Gemer.​​​​​​​
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