I am an independent curator from Turkey, and my curatorial practice revolves around the environment, comparative cultural analysis, and intercultural communication through art. To reflect on the current artistic structures and social issues that art tackles, I tend to take an innovative and multidisciplinary approach, and adapt accordingly to the artist, the project, and/or the geography in which I’m working.  
To attain a decentralized and non-hierarchical curatorial practice, I start by asking what is left unexplored, how the artistic propositions can be revisited for socially engaged outcomes, and how sustainability can be implemented in art practices. In the trajectory of curatorial ethics, I focus on the co-existence and overlooked cultural elements in postmodern society through several topics that I find interconnected. Therefore, my focus areas vary from underrepresented/underdocumented cultures to intercultural and intergenerational understanding, and from social structures to ecological and environmental issues, and often intersect.
I aim to create a space for open conversation and carry it beyond the art world. To accomplish this, I initiate projects beyond traditional exhibitions and include different forms of media, such as a podcast where I interview artists to amplify their voices or the curatorial round tables where artists can communicate with each other without bias. 
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