Solo Exhibition - Jovana Banović
- Did we stop photosynthesizing? Where are we now?
- What’s that shadow on your face? On your hand?
Said the plant that traveled across the mountains to get here. When did they die? None of them remembered… Did it hurt? And what was that blue reflection on the wall? A distant relative maybe?  Or a mirror winking at a trace of time? The light plays an odd game on them now. Something they remember..
- What is this?
- I think it’s called a shadow.
- Do we all have one?
- ...
Jovana Banović is an artist who creates her own narratives of nature by using plants and cyanotypes. In her work, plants become a new form of relationship with art to explore her need to communicate with nature. The sun stops being a life source and creates shadows; a plant becomes a nuance of light.
While Jovana presents her blueprints of nature for the first time, the exhibition tries to reveal her subconscious existential psychotherapy and the biophilic needs of a human.
Curation & Text by Zeren Oruc​​​​​​​
Location: Papergirl Galerija Hub, Belgrade
Dates: 21.02 - 18.03.2020
Photo Credits: Anthony Brooks & Srdjan Rakonjac
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