Currently, I'm working on a few projects, and looking for various things in respect to them. Below, you will see a short list of things that are currently in my mind. If you are interested in any of these or know someone who might be, please feel free to reach out. 
On Food and Knowledge ➝ Within this research, I want to focus on traditional herding and fishing practices in the broader Mediterranean to address intangible knowledge loss and its potential place in climate change and social justice. I'm looking for: 
- Funding opportunities 
- Residencies 
- Partners & Collaborators 
- Projects/work in this field
Montemero Art Residency ➝ I'm planning to curate a 5-year retrospective exhibition for MAR in 2025, and looking for: 
- Mid to large scale exhibition spaces ideally in Madrid, but I'm open to suggestions and invitations from all over the world.
- Funding & Sponsors 
- Collaborators, such as a local producer 
Residency in process ➝ I'm in the process of starting another rural residency in Spain. This is a collaboration with an ecosystem restoration project on a semi-arid plateau in Murcia. I will be able to share more about this project in the coming months, in the meantime, I'm looking for: 
- Funding opportunities for 2025 period 
- Donators & Sponsors
- Partner organizations, such as art academies, universities, various art organizations that would like to start an artistic exchange. 
Other ➝ As a freelance cultural worker in a precarious economy, I'm always in the look out for new collaborations, jobs, and gigs that will support my financial independence. These could be:  
- Consultancies for projects, artists, residencies 
- Speaking opportunities 
- Workshop facilitation 
- Project & community management 
- Design work 
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