This is a participatory performance/discussion where crying is a form of reclamation, which aims to uncover and release layers of suppressed knowledge, emotions, and narratives that are intertwined with our food systems. The tears shed within the performance evoke a collective memory and ancestral knowledge that transcends generations. They represent the intergenerational passing down of wisdom, the recognition of food sources, and the mourning for lost connection with the land(s). Crying becomes a way to honor the past, present, and future, as participants come together to remap culturally acquired tastes and senses in the landscape of Weimar.
The performance hopes that participants will find solace in nature, rekindling a sense of safety and belonging in a world scarred by exploitation. Ultimately, the metaphorical tears become a testament to the shared determination to mend the wounds inflicted on the land, food, and culture, nurturing a table that's grounded in diversity, understanding, and renewed resilience.
This project was produced for Crying Classroom, and implementing it in Weimar had significance, as this is a location that is a temporary home to many people, especially to the ones with international backgrounds. 
Photos documentation by Jasper Venter.
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